Art Classes

Art Classes

Nothing unleashes a child’s creativity quite like art. At Gymboree, our art programmes encourage young children to explore their sense of artistic possibility. Through art, children will express themselves beyond their words, while their imaginations expand past the boundaries of the art paper.

Our rich array of media and hands-on activities build a creative foundation. Through painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, dramatic play and more, our classes give children an age-appropriate outlet for learning and self-expression.

Our Art lessons are Parent/Child classes and each is one hour in length.

Art I

18-24 months

Discover art hands-on through sculpture, painting, story time, our tactile table and more. This early art class gives young toddlers an age-appropriate introduction to discerning texture, colour and shapes. Exploration of how to manipulate essential art media, and child-sized art tools bring your child’s very first art experiences to life.

Art II

24-36 months

Paint, sing, sculpt, collage and imagine in a uniquely creative space. Children explore ways to combine various media and stretch their creative capabilities. Toddlers explore greater mastery of art methods and tools, as they explore visual literacy and imagination.


3-5 years

Gain confidence in self-expression and artistic exploration through a hands-on, multimedia experience. This studio art class invites young artists to exercise what they envision with a diverse range of art techniques and materials. Painting, print making, design, sculpting and collaborative art activities are taken to a new level of exploration, as children become confident in expressing their artistic dreams independently and through peer-based activities.

Family Art


Artists of all ages converge in the Gymboree art studio to observe one another and learn by doing. This hands-on studio art class brings creative possibilities to budding artists of all ages. Be inspired together and make colourful memories in the Gymboree Art Studio. Sculpt with a giant block of clay, design a family tree, paint a mural or make a creation of your very own.